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Health & Wellbeing Executive Committee

Dr Sarah Earle


Dr Hannah R. Marston

Research Fellow

 Ms Gaynor Henry-Edwards

Research Manager

Health & Wellbeing Board Members

  • Duncan Banks STEM
  • Martin Bootman STEM
  • Tim Coughlan IET
  • Sarah Earle Director, WELS
  • Korina Giaxoglou WELS
  • Gini Harrison FASS
  • Gaynor Henry-Edwards WELS
  • Simon Holland STEM
  • Richard Holti FBL
  • Peg Katritzky FASS
  • Ben Langdown WELS
  • Hannah Marston Research Fellow, WELS
  • Shailey Minocha STEM
  • Suzanne Newcombe FASS
  • Nathanial Owen WELS
  • Allan Third STEM

General Contact

British Society of Gerontology initiative Ageing Bites

Back in the Spring and with support and assistance from colleagues, the following video was created - This YouTube channel is part of the British Society of Gerontology initiative Ageing Bites and links to a paper that Dr Hannah R. Marston published in March...

Gaming will help future centenarians

Gamer Dr Hannah R. Marston presented her research at the billion-dollar tech company Ubisoft’s Massive Entertainment. The health and wellbeing priority research area fellow was invited by the game designer, in Sweden, to talk about her work ‘From Arcade to World Wide Web – how intergenerational gaming can help you pick up an extra life’. It focuses on levels of immersion, or flow,...

Aging Well series of Public Talks

Jitka Vseteckova is delighted to announce a series of public talks with the title ‘Ageing Well’, which will be offered at the Open University in Milton Keynes. Many changes can be brought about by ageing. Most of the changes are physiological processes, they come naturally, and produce physical and mental deterioration. However, timely interventions such as nutrition, hydration,...

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